Dear Guest,

Warm welcome to my blog, I'm happy about your visit! :-)

My name is Béatrice and I'm from wonderful Germany. Before my adventure I finished the university in ''organic agriculture''. Now I travel together with my husband to farms in different countries. I try to give an overview of these farms. I think on the one hand it could be intresting for travellers that want to learn something in agriculture, especially for an agriculture student that is looking for an internship. On the other hand this blog can also be good for farmers to listen about the same or different problems and help each other.

If you have questions or comments pleace let me know!

I hope you enjoy! I will try my very best! :-)


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    martin (Samstag, 06 August 2016 09:29)

    remembered that we told you there is no writing about our place
    and the way you put this about us ...careful you stepping on thin ice
    for a nice lawsuit

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    Helena Hamilton (Montag, 11 April 2016 21:07)

    Hey, Beatrice: Helena here (Karen's mom). Aww, look at the little goat family. You're so courageous and caring to help feed old frail men like the goat guy. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your journeys in agriculture :)

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    Giorgia Alazraki (Sonntag, 10 April 2016 12:51)

    Wow!!! I am Daniel ex collegue at the farm(Italian), i would have loved to come ti your wedding and i am so happy for you.
    I found the email, incredibly understood the German;), and wish to congratulate and tell you it's a wonderful idea and website! I really miss Germany, think about it every day:)
    I hope i will soon have a home here in Rome, and you are more then welcome to come visit:)
    My best wishes,

Dear Giorgia,

we are happy to hear from you! Thanks a lot for all this beautiful words!! And yess, we would like to visit you in Rome! :) Thank you for the invitation! Keep in touch and all the best for you!

Daniel & Bea

Hello Helena, mom of Karen! :-) Thank you very much for your nice words, but unfortunately I have to say, this is a misunderstanding. This picture I took somewhere in the village. Have you seen the little white symbole on the left site of my page? You can click there and choose the word "India". There you will find later also the informations about all the farms i will visit in the next year. On the page "India" you can watch Karen in my documentary!! :) Karen nicely supported me as well with the translation for the english version. Warm regards! Beatrice