Sophia Farm

Sophia Farm Community was founded in October 2010 by Ben Campbell Jr. and his wife Konomi Campbell. To call Sophia Farm a community is still a desire.

The 100 ha farm is managed in a biodynamic way. Biodynamic means to use the soil and the nature and try not to strain it (for example with pesticides or artificial fertilizer). But in addition to the conservation gets a lot attention into maintainance and care of nature.

In biodynamics the farmers understand their farm as an microcosmos or organism. That means every farm should have fields and grassland, hedges, forest and marsh or wet lands and animals, like our main planet earth has. In this biodivers organism the cow plays a central role.

The idea behind the individual farm cosmos is to create your own circuls. For example grow food for the animals, feed the animals and give the menure back to the field. Holding each of these steps in the farm. If you need one of this part from outside (for example the food for the animals or the menure for the compost), that means the farm organism is sick and not sustainable. To maintain and invirogate the soil, plants, animals and people, biodynamic farmers for example use preparations, that the farmer can make on his own. There are 9 different preparations, 6 of them are for the compost and 3 gos directly to the field. All of them are made from herbs and animals sheaths (see pictures and movies for detailes explanation!).


Sophia Farm is an amazing place for everyone who is interested in learning agriculture, especially biodynamics. Konomi and Ben never become tired to teach you about all the biodynamic knowledge if you want to know. And on this particulare farm you find all the things that are biodynamic farmer needs to be biodynamic.

Every morning starts with muck out the cowshed, feeding all animals and milk the cows. Beeing close to the animals and the smell of the morning and menure is a wonderful way to start the day. This work makes you calm and strong at the same time and gives you warmth in your heart. After the breakfast work continues in the field. At the end of the day we will have been in harmony with nature all day long.

This place is not suitable for lazy people! :-) You have to wake up early and work till the evening, even at the weekend. But during the braks you get tasty food and all the work it has to be done by volunteers is not too hard but rewarding. If you want to experience real farmlife, come to Sophia Farm!



Sophia Farm Community

Kakkomi Organic Bakery

Konomi Campbell and Ben Campbell Jr.

707-1 Nishibiribetsu, Honbetsu, Hokkaido 089-3443 Japan

Phone: 090-5959-3660



Herbsalt from Sophia Farm
This herbsalt is a product of Sophia Farm and you can buy it in different stores or directly from Konomi and Ben!
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Plants Sophia Farm
These plants are regularly cultivated on Sophia Farm.
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Travel hints:

We lived in April and Mai on Sophia Farm which is still a quite cold time, because the winter is strong and long here (next door to Siberia!). So take between September - Mai warm underwear and warm sweaters with you!


Konomi and Ben live a very simple livestyle. Hot water, gas and electricity are expensive in Japan. So you can wash yourself only once a week. But it also depends on the weather, if you have warm water for shower (solar power). But once a week you get the possibility to go with Konomi and Ben to the Onzen (thermal springs).


You should also bring your own natural soap if you want to wash your hands after the work with it.